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This product works on most cam bar locks (swing arms). The SnatchLatch design allows it to easily slip over the swing arm and over the padlock and hasp area. It can be used on small, enclosed trailers or 18-wheeler cargo trailers. Please email us at if you are unsure about the fit for your trailer.

SnatchLatch works on:
Utility Trailers • Horse Trailers • Dry Vans • Storage Containers • Shipping Containers

Constructed from 11 gauge steel, the SnatchLatch securely slips over your trailer’s door latch, surrounding the padlock and trailer door latch hasp, effectively eliminating a thief from cutting the lock or hasp with common tools like bolt cutters, grinders, drills or hacksaws.
No. SnatchLatch is a device designed to protect padlocks from tampering.
Check out our How It Works page to learn how SnatchLatch works and how to install it.
Yes. When needed, you can easily remove your SnatchLatch in a few short steps.
Yes. The SnatchLatch works on most shipping containers. Some shipping container door handles are very thick, and the original SNL-1 may fit a bit tight on these containers. To ensure the best fit for a shipping container, we recommend the SnatchLatch Model SNL-2.
No. Snatchlatch does not require tools, drilling or modifications to your trailer for installation.
No. The SnatchLatch is easily removed when not locked into place and may be used on multiple trailers.
Check out our How It Works page to learn how SnatchLatch works and how to install it.
Any padlock may be used with SnatchLatch, if the padlock works on your trailer. However, a padlock with a 1 5/8” shackle is recommended, for ease of use. Combination locks are not recommended, as they are hard for you to access once the SnatchLatch is installed.
No. We do not force the sale of an additional padlock, as most customers already have padlocks.
The SnatchLatch device is incredibly strong. The 11-gauge steel will withstand up to 50,000 PSI of force. SnatchLatch has been on the market for over 12 years and has withstood real life theft attempts. Some customers have reported that thieves tried to pull the SnatchLatch off using a chain and a truck, but the SnatchLatch held strong!
SnatchLatch is built from steel and protected by a UV resistant, powder coated finish. The powder coating will protect the SnatchLatch from rust for many years. The powder coated finish is exceptionally durable. However, it can be scratched or chipped if dropped, impacted or abused (rust may occur in areas where the finish is scratched or chipped).
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