Shipping Container Lock

Supply-chain issues, labor shortages, and labor strikes have caused unprecedented issues and record-breaking backlogs within the cargo transit industry. Shipping containers often sit idle for days, weeks, or months at a time at railyards, ports, and other cargo stops. The need for a high-quality shipping container lock is more important now than ever, and SnatchLatch has you covered with its heavy-duty shipping container lock. Crafted with heavy-gauge steel and UV powder coated to withstand the elements of mother nature, SnatchLatch offers unparalleled security to meet your shipping container security needs.

Thieves would rather burglarize unattended cargo because it is viewed as a “victimless” crime; insurance companies will bear the cost of replacing the stolen goods. But it is not victimless since cargo theft will often go unreported since companies aren’t sure at what point of the shipping route the goods were stolen, and because of this, companies aren’t able to file police reports. Without a police report, insurance companies won’t pay out.  Additionally, thieves face less-severe punishments for property crime than they do with crimes committed against a person. Chances of thieves getting caught and punished are slim.

According to a Cargo Theft Report from Sensitech, the average value of each cargo theft in 2021 was $217,923; an increase of 26% when compared to the previous year. The United States is considered the highest threat level for cargo thefts according to the SCIC five-point risk scale.

Working with top engineers and developers, SnatchLatch was constructed as the first-ever shipping container lock of its kind. The innovative design provides unprecedented lock protection for your cargo. SnatchLatch’s shipping container lock adds a strong layer of security to your current lock.

Weather-resistant and constructed with heavy duty 11-gauge steel, the shipping container lock from SnatchLatch is rigorously tested for strength and durability. The UV resistant powder coated finish guarantees long-lasting use. Its patented design is proven to deter thieves, and withstand lock tampering from tools like:

Bolt Cutters




Impact Tools


Since its introduction on the market, SnatchLatch has become one of the strongest, most innovative shipping container locks. Protect your valuable cargo from criminals with the strong, durable, theft-deterrent shipping container lock from SnatchLatch – click here to order yours today!


Add a layer of protection between your valuable cargo and outside threats. Once you install SnatchLatch, your trailer lock can no longer be easily broken with common tools.

Peace of Mind

While no one can predict the road ahead, you can be prepared. Our customers rest easy knowing that their cargo is safe and secure, day in and day out.


Constructed of heavy duty steel, you can expect SnatchLatch to hold up against the harshest weather and the sharpest tools. Your cargo will be protected on the road ahead for many years to come.

Installs in 3 simple steps.
No Tools necessary.