Horse Trailer Lock

SnatchLatch was constructed as the first-ever horse trailer lock of its kind. Innovative and secure, SnatchLatch offers unprecedented protection to keep your horses and livestock equipment safe and secure from the wandering eye of would-be thieves. SnatchLatch’s horse trailer lock adds a sturdy layer of security to your current lock; a simple design crafted from heavy duty 11-gauge steel and nearly impossible to gain access without a key.

The weather-resistant and UV resistant powder coated finish ensures longevity from the elements. The horse trailer lock from SnatchLatch is rigorously tested for strength and durability. Its patented design is a proven theft-deterrent layer of security, and will withstand tampering from lock-breaking tools like:

Bolt Cutters




Impact Tools


SnatchLatch will protect not only horse trailers, but many other types of doors and devices as well. The horse trailer lock will transfer easily across different trailers.

There are additional steps you can take to ensure your horse trailer remains safe and secure. Horse & Rider outlined the following steps to keep your trailer and your horses safe:

  • Paint your trailer with bold colors or patterns so it’s unmistakably yours
  • Invest in security devices, such as a hitch lock, tongue lock, coupler lock, or a horse trailer lock from SnatchLatch to keep the doors secure
  • Insure & document your trailer
  • Park safely – stick to open areas with lots of lighting and activity. If that’s not possible, park the trailer against a large object (like a large tree or a hill) to make access to trailer doors difficult for would-be thieves

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Add a layer of protection between your valuable cargo and outside threats. Once you install SnatchLatch, your trailer lock can no longer be easily broken with common tools.

Peace of Mind

While no one can predict the road ahead, you can be prepared. Our customers rest easy knowing that their cargo is safe and secure, day in and day out.


Constructed of heavy duty steel, you can expect SnatchLatch to hold up against the harshest weather and the sharpest tools. Your cargo will be protected on the road ahead for many years to come.

Installs in 3 simple steps.
No Tools necessary.