Our Story

After a devastating trailer break-in cost SnatchLatch’s founder thousands of dollars in property losses, he was determined to make sure that never happened to him, or anyone else again.

Working with top engineers and developers, SnatchLatch was constructed as the first-ever trailer security device of its kind. The innovative design provided unprecedented lock protection and the design was quickly patented.

Since its introduction on the market, SnatchLatch has become one of the strongest, most innovative products used to protect cargo. Thousands of customers are now traveling safer around the country with their cargo secure because of SnatchLatch.

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What is

SnatchLatch is an easy to use anti-theft device that protects your cargo.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your cargo. The device installs easily and makes thieves move on to the next potential target. It is simple to use and can even be removed for use across different locks.

SnatchLatch device


Add a layer of protection between your valuable cargo and outside threats. Once you install SnatchLatch, your trailer lock can no longer be easily broken with common tools.

Peace of Mind

While no one can predict the road ahead, you can be prepared. Our customers rest easy knowing that their cargo is safe and secure, day in and day out.


Constructed of heavy duty steel, you can expect SnatchLatch to hold up against the harshest weather and the sharpest tools. Your cargo will be protected on the road ahead for many years to come.

Installs in 3 simple steps.
No Tools necessary.