The new standard
for trailer door security

SnatchLatch adds a strong layer of security to your current lock. A simple design crafted from heavy duty steel – thieves don’t stand a chance!

SNATCHLATCH easily protects the lock on most trailers. Nobody gets in without your permission!

Secure Your Lock

SnatchLatch is designed to accommodate most cam bar swing arm locks – even the one you’re using right now! It slips on in seconds to provide maximum trailer door security.

Built for strength &
made to protect
SnatchLatch is made from 11-gauge steel, which is thicker than most safes! The simple design slips right over a trailer’s latch and hasp, preventing thieves from cutting, grinding, or breaking any critical lock components that could let them in. Thieves will move on to another potential target!
Seamless Design
That's Easy to Use
Our patented trailer door security design is constructed out of a single piece of steel to increase strength and withstand tampering. SnatchLatch goes on in seconds, and it stays on until YOU take it off. There's simply no better protection available for the price!
Durable UV
With a tough powder coated finish with UV protection, SnatchLatch is built to last. From outdoor storage to hauling your motorcycle cross-country, SnatchLatch keeps your cargo secure through every season.
SnatchLatch device

11-Gauge Heavy Duty Steel

Tough Powder Coated Finish with UV Protection

Easy to use design

1/8” steel plate construction
Steel material withstands up to 50,000 psi force
Fully welded seams

Which SnatchLatch is Right for You?

While both versions of our SnatchLatch product are built with the same tough materials and security in mind, each one was created for different containers.

Common tools don’t stand a chance

Average padlocks are highly vulnerable because they don’t stand up to readily available cutting or grinding tools. SnatchLatch is unique because it adds an additional level of security to your lock.
SnatchLatch is proven to withstand:

customers trust SnatchLatch

SnatchLatch is protecting these folks’ belongings right now. See what they have to say!
Ken H.
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I have used SnatchLatch for years, and in one situation, it was the last line of defense that prevented the thieves from breaking into my shipping container.
BVD Sez (Amazon)
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I bought two Snatchlatch’s and I haven't had a problem with thieves since! This product is designed well, is a visual deterrent, and just might make lowlifes move to the next poor saps trailer.
Aries Bleed (Amazon)
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I thought an expensive padlock on my trailer would keep people out, but someone skipped the lock and cut the clasp off, getting in with no problem. The SnatchLatch covers everything, so there is no way to get in now.
Shane M, Quickbox Storage
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We recently received a call from a contractor who had the storage containers on a job site broken into, and many of the contents were stolen or broken. However, his container remained locked and safe, all thanks to SnatchLatch.
Truther (Amazon)
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I installed the SnatchLatch on my 20 foot shipping container and it works great. It is important to purchase the lock size they recommend. Best part is it’s virtually impossible to even get bolt cutters up inside the latch to cut the lock. Same with grinders. Very good product and very durable. My container is at my ranch. I don’t live there full-time, so it’s nice to feel secure knowing my latch is in place.

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